London shuts down at least 18 mental health wards in three years

At least 18 mental health units in London public hospitals were shut down over the last three years, according to information released after a Freedom of Information request carried out by DatAddicts. Read the rest of this entry »


How to write a successful FOI Request

FOI requests are one of the most amazing tools to get data that I have ever discovered. I came across with them for the first time earlier this year, as part of my MA course in Science Journalism, since there is not anything remotely similar in my country, Spain. I have become very enthusiastic about them and the opportunities they offer for finding new stories, in many cases with an important impact on the public. Below you can find some recommendations to write a successful FOI request and send it to a public body in England. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for avoiding blunders with numbers in the news

These are some tips for avoiding blunders when writing stories with numbers and statistics. I came across with them while reading handbooks on Data Journalism, so this is a summary of the best of them: Read the rest of this entry »

Showing key events with a timeline

Background features and articles on issues that took a long time to unravel often end up with a lot of important dates when something crucial for the story happened. Writing for online media offers you the opportunity to showcase those events in an interactive timeline, likeĀ this one that I did for the blog Frack This Shale, as part of my work for my MA in Science Journalism. It took me around two hours until it was ready for being published, and actually, the part that took more time was researching the events that I wanted to add to my timeline. Read the rest of this entry »